How can i create a ticket/contact support?

Please login or register for an account. Once you are logged in you can create a support ticket through our helpdesk which is located in the top-right menu of our website.

How long does it take before i get a reply?

Depending on the timezone you live in and the amount of tickets we receive it can take upto 48 hours before you get a reply. Offcourse we will always try to respond as fast as possible.

I have paid, but i do not have access yet. What is wrong?

  • If you used alternative payment option it can take a few hours before your membership will be activated (we first need to get confirmation about your payment).
  • Payments with bitcoin can take upto 2 hours to complete in case you did not add a fee to the transaction (always add $0.50 on top on your order, to speed up your bitcoin transaction)