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Andy Private

Real name: Andrea Szentirmai

The last years we didn’t have any contact with Andy anymore. People on the internet discovered she died a few years ago.

Andy was one of our first (and most famous) models which worked for us for years. She is born in Budapest where she was married with a terrible guy who abused her both mentally as physically. He is also the reason she started with bestiality; he wanted her to make a lot of money and “forced” her into the business. At least that is what we think… she always denied it so we couldn’t do much about it that time.

Andy was a shy girl, didn’t speak much either, but a real sweetheart once you got to know her. Unfortunately she kinda had a hard life, never experienced real love and things like that, and always ended up with creapy, aggressive boyfriends. We did warn her a lot, but it’s like she attracted troubles…