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horse power

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Comment (2)

  1. Things have been tight, but certainly want to continue to support the site and people bringing the content. Just hoping for quality of today’s tech. This would baffle people with amazement including myself. Homemade vs paid is quite different. Homemade, majority have the horse penetrating them. I’ve yet to see solid penetration. This is just some constructive feedback. But I do fully love as a favorite this genre. #stallions

  2. Hi,

    Many thanks for your support and feedback! No matter if it are compliments are criticism, we alsways love feedback!

    You can expect a lot of new stuff in coming weeks/months/years. As we keep growing and more money comes in, we can make more new movies, with nowadays standards.

    We do also have a lot of material that has been made a few years back and which has never been released ever! Those movies arent in hd quality, but they are so unique and rare that that hopefully will compensate a bit. But as im now using all mastertapes i can upgrade them all to best possible quality.